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I am looking for a counselor and have some questions I am a counselor and have some questions

I am looking for a counselor and have some questions

What is The Right Counselor and how is it different from other counselor search sites?

We know that finding a counselor can be difficult, overwhelming, and even scary. We wanted to create a place to help you navigate this process and make it as simple as possible. On other sites you get basic information about therapists, but there is no way to know if what they say in their profiles about themselves is even true. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to know what other professionals think about a colleague? Wouldn’t it be nice to know who those counselors would refer to? That’s why we created Endorsements - so that you can see which counselors are believed in by other counselors. It’s almost like we have a team of professionals who are vetting counselors just for you! It gives you a little peek into the inner circle of the counseling network. It gives you critical information to use in making a decision about who the right counselor is for you.

What are endorsements and why are they important?

Endorsements are given TO counselors BY counselors. It’s way of giving someone a professional thumbs up! An endorsement lets you know that the counselor and their work is worth putting a professional reputation behind. We’ve limited the number of endorsements that each counselor can make so that these endorsements really matter. You can see on each profile who a counselor has endorsed and who has endorsed them. The transparency here allows you see who is connected and known by other therapists. We believe that if someone is awesome they will have an awesome reputation in the therapeutic community - endorsements and reviews are one way you can see behind the curtain of someone’s reputation. A few endorsements is great; a lot of endorsements is even better!

As someone looking for a therapist, will I be charged to use the platform?

No! The Right Counselor is always free for anyone who is looking to connect with a counselor in their area. We provide this service free of charge because we believe everyone should have access to quality, local care. We also provide this service free to counselors because we believe in creating healthy communities through good connections. And while we are at it, we should say that counselors can never pay to be “featured” or “endorsed.”

What if I make an appointment with a counselor from the site and then have a bad experience?

While we know that most counselors are in the field because they want to help people, as in any field there are people who might pass themselves off to have more education or qualifications than they actually do. You can use this email to report them to us should you find that is the case. We make every effort to verify all license information submitted by a counselor to ensure they are in good standing and who they say they are. We verify their license using the appropriate State licensing board and ask for supporting documentation to verify their identity. Besides checking all of the legal boxes, we also rely on referrals from other counselors. While we present these counselors to you as possible options for your care, we are not responsible for any outcomes or circumstances that you might find unfavorable. We present you with all the information you need to verify the counselor’s status and decide whether they might be a good fit for you. We encourage you to ask them questions and pay attention to whether you feel like they are a good fit for you. We also encourage you to remember that if you don't feel comfortable with a counselor you can leave and are not obligated to schedule any follow up appointments with them. Additionally, each state has a governing body who regulates counselors to whom you could report them should that feel necessary.

I am a counselor and have some questions

What is the benefit for me in joining The Right Counselor?

We are providing this directory to ensure counselors are connecting with the people that really need their help and resources in their own communities. We've seen counselors struggle to get clients and we've seen clients struggle to find the right counselor for them. We aim to close that gap by providing this service free of charge so that our communities can grow healthier each day.

Why is there a wait for my profile to be approved and shown on the site?

We take the time to verify all license information so potential clients know they are connecting with someone reputable. We also ensure all contact information is accurate so potential clients have everything they need to get in touch with you!

What are endorsements & why are they important?

An endorsement is essentially one professional giving another professional a thumbs up. It's a quick way for them to say something like, "I know you are a great therapist" or "I would send my friends and family to you." For potential clients, we believe a professional to professional endorsement is like a peek behind the curtain so that you can see who therapists themselves would refer to.

How are endorsements different from reviews?

While an endorsement is just a general “thumbs up,” a peer review is a more expanded, thoughtfully written endorsement from one counselor to another. A peer review goes into more depth in order to give a potential client an idea of why one professional would specifically recommend another professional.

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